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Front Desk

NEC Front Desk Assistant with Facial Recognition:

Front Desk Assistant (FDA) application for Android-based tablets and the UT880 Android phone. This new application integrates our market leading Facial Recognition technology (NeoFace)  for visitor check In/Out workflow process. This new application is offered with various features and advanced functionalities that streamlines check In/Out processes for visitors of any size organization - including those in various vertical markets.

Features Overview:

•     Offered with NEC’s Market Leading Facial Recognition Technology (NeoFace)

•     24/7/365 Operation with no days off

•     Records, Greets and Welcomes visitors

•     Photographs and Prints/Issues visitor badges

•     Employee(s) Alerts/Notifications for visitor(s) arrival

•     Remembers Visitors for quicker check-in and easy checkout

•     Manage, Store and Generate reports on-demand of all visitors Historical & Real-


•     Prepare, Manage, and Obtain visitor(s) signature(s) of routine documents such as

non-disclosure and/or privacy agreements/policies